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Do-it-yourself digital signage (and more) with Slack. Created by Forest Giant.


How it works

Screenarino makes it easy to send web content to screens through Slack. With uses ranging from playful to practical, Screenarino can be used to display content like restaurant menus, bar specials, analytics dashboards, event wayfinding, and anything else accessible through a URL.

Unlike other digital signage apps, Screenarino doesn't require users to use anything other than Slack. This means that once installed, anyone on your Slack workspace can control Screenarino - there's no need for additional software or dongles to get things working. If you can use Slack, you can use Screenarino.

Screenarino consists of two parts.

Slack App Example

Slack App

The Slack app is what you and your team will use to send URLs to the Screenarino Client.

The Slack app will allow you to select which screen you want to send your content.

Screenarino will also post records of who sent what to a designated Slack channel.

Slack App Example

Screenarino Client

The Screenarino client is installed to the computer that is connected to your spare screen.

This computer could be any spare Linux, Mac, or Windows computer laying around.

If this isn't an option you can look into an affordable Raspberry Pi.

Getting Started

Once the Slack App and Screenarino client have been installed, you're all set to start sending content to your connected screens. After each command, you'll be able to select which Screenarino client you'd like to receive (or remove) content.

/screenarino url

To do a Screenarino command simply type `/screenarino` in Slack followed by the URL you'd like to display. To change displayed content, either send another URL or use the clear command (see below)..

/screenarino clear

To clear the Screenarino client of the previous URL, type '/screenarino clear' in Slack.


Send images

Send Vimeo videos

Send text

Send GIFs

Send dashboards

Send images uploaded to Slack

Send Youtube videos

Send Giphy GIFs

Send any URL!

Have a cool way you use Screenarino?



Slack App

To install the Slack app you must have a Slack workspace set up. You can sign up for a free account here.

Screenarino Client

OS Support Download
Linux AMD64 (Debian 8+ and Snapcraft) .deb .snap
Linux ARMv7 (Debian 8+ and Snapcraft) .deb .snap
macOS 10.10+ .dmg
Windows 7+ .exe



$0 / month

Screenarino Slack App

2 active Screenarino Clients

25 Screenarino commands / day



$TBA / month

Screenarino Slack App

50 active Screenarino Clients

500 Screenarino commands / day


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